Credit Card Processing

Valii Is a new, disruptive payment processing platform

We are a Full-Service Provider, offering:

✔️ A Proprietary gateway for online sales

✔️ Direct pricing with Interchange

✔️ Cash-Discount program 


With WAVit, You Can eliminate 100% of Your fees & save thousands

✔️ Zero % Credit Card Processing

✔️ Any Industry

✔️ Unlimited Processing

✔️ No minimum Purchase

✔️ No minimum Volume

✔️ Compliant with all state & federal regulations

Made possible by
our partner:

Valii Is backed by the fintech Giant - MiCamp Solutions, a world-wide leader in payment technology innovation.

some of our clients include:

How does it work?

We Automatically Shift The Cost Of Processing Credit Cards From You To The End-User.

No Calculations Need To Be made. Our Software Automatically Applies A 4% Non-Cash Adjustment when using a credit card

But What about cash or Debit?

Easy. Our software automatically removes the 4% adjustment

Stop Paying For Your Customers' Airline Miles

In the past, merchants had to absorb the cost of credit card transactions while the customer earns points and rewards. Due to changes in federal regulations, merchants now have the option to charge different prices for cash and credit card transactions. 

Times are changing. You should too.

Why Choose Us?

Better Security

Over $15 Billion Processed Annually with zero history of data breaches

Our Security team is 2nd to none!

Better Tech

We have a wide variety of mobile-swipers, wireless terminals, full POS Systems, and Even in-house Developers to Create Custom solutions

Or, if you like what you've got, chances are we're compatible

Better Service

When was the last time you spoke to your agent? Do you have an agent? Or just a 1-800 number?

Whenever questions or problems arise, you will have our cell

Free POS Program

Point of Sale systems don't have to cost a fortune. Your first terminal is free!

Valii Cares

If you run a non-profit, We would love to Support you and donate on a regular basis!

Month To Month Contracts

We Believe in Working with those who want to work with us. It's the only way to do business.

available in every industry

High Risk? No Problem

✔️ Auto Warranties

✔️ CBD

✔️ Coins and Collectibles

✔️ Continuity Billing

✔️ Credit Monitoring

✔️ Credit Repair

✔️ Debt Collections

✔️ Fantasy Sports

✔️ Furniture

✔️ Government Grants

✔️ Guns & Ammo

✔️ Liquor

✔️ Money Lenders

✔️ MLM

✔️ Moving Companies

✔️ Non-Profits

✔️ Online Gaming

✔️ Online Ticket Sales

✔️ Pawn Shops

✔️ Pay-Day

✔️ Smoke Shop

✔️ Travel Agencies

✔️ Vape and E-Cig


We Are Here To Earn Your Business

Send over your last processing statement and we’ll lay out our business proposal, highlighting the rates and you’re currently paying , and how much you will save with us.


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