Custom Payment Solutions

If You Can Dream it, We can build it

We have in-house developers who have created innovative solutions
for unique and complex customer demands

Valii Is backed by the fintech Giant - MiCamp Solutions, a world-wide leader in payment technology innovation

Need your gas station to talk to your convenience store? And add in a car wash? And You want them all on the same system as your restaurant?
No problem

A step ahead of the competition

The payment Processing Landscape changes quickly, often disrupted by revolutionary technologies or impactful legislation….

that’s where we come in. 

With Valii, running, expanding, and keeping your business ahead of the competition has never been easier. Together with our strategic partnerships, we are a premier provider of custom financial software applications for businesses worldwide.

Valii has a payment solution for
every business
, no matter the industry

✔️ Auto Warranties

✔️ Coins and Collectibles

✔️ Continuity Billing

✔️ Credit Monitoring

✔️ Credit Repair

✔️ Debt Collections

✔️ Fantasy Sports

✔️ Furniture

✔️ Government Grants

✔️ Guns & Ammo 

✔️ MLM

✔️ Moving Companies

✔️ Non-Profits

✔️ Online Gaming

✔️ Pawn Shops

✔️ Pay-Day Lenders

✔️ Skin and Hair Care

✔️ Subscription Boxes

✔️ Travel

✔️ Vape and E-Cig

Our Process:

  1. Our risk department will Evaluate your last statement from your current processor
  2. Your dedicated account manager will do a side by side comparison, showing  what you’re currently paying and how much you would save with us, highlighting which program is the best fit for your business:
    1. Traditional
    2. Cash-Discount
    3. Split
  3. Identify any custom solutions needed
  4. Discuss Point Of Sale options
  5. Review Revenue Sharing options

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